Montana Municipal Official's Handbook, Second Edition

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Part 1 provides essential information on defining and governing the municipality, human resource management, budgeting, financial management, property and contracts, land use law and citizen participation in local government. Updated with references to 2013 MCA, this handbook is an easily accessible first reference for local officials seeking an entry point into the resolution of common municipal issues. 

Part II is a procedures manual written by Montana’s clerks, treasurers and finance officers for their peers and includes chapters on council procedures, administrative duties, licenses and permitting procedures, public records, budget and finance. 

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This 2016 edition of the Montana Local Government Board Handbook was written by a group of highly-qualified Montana State University Extension educators and other professionals with experience to write and teach on the subject of local governance.
The authors examine the architecture, politics and needed reforms of Montana's local governments within the context of the American federal system and within the constitutional framework of Montana state government.

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