Home-Canning Meat, Poultry, and Fish

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This Montguide lists canning pressures for specific altitudes throughout Montana and recommended processing times for various meats. It includes a checklist for safe preparation and storage of home-canned foods, and instructions for canning meat, poultry and fish. Black and white, 4 pages.

  • AuthorLynn Paul, Bernice Mason and Karen Tyra
  • Copyright2017, Revised
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Based on USDA home-preservation guidelines, this MontGuide provides information to help prevent food-borne illnesses caused by bacteria, molds and yeast and help prevent food spoilage in your home-processed foods.
Charts with processing times and pressures for various fruits and tomato products. Stresses importance of elevation in determining pressures.
Provides recipes and methods for three kinds of dill pickles, including a reduced-sodium pickle, and a recipe for sauerkraut.

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