Helping Children Cope with Natural Disasters

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In the past few years many Montanans have experienced the trauma of natural disasters including floods, wildfires and drought. While parents are trying to manage family logistics during these times, children are also dealing with the event. This guide will discuss children’s responses to traumatic events and how parents can help their children through the process. Black and white, 3 pages.

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Disasters of all types - wildfire, flood, tornado, earthquake, hazardous material spill, winter storm - can strike quickly and without warning. You can cope with disaster by preparing in advance and working together.
This guide answers many of the common questions grandparents and other relative caregivers have when they are faced with parenting a second time around.
This publication looks at the background of grandparent-headed families, its challenges and benefits, and discusses resources and support to help make this family form successful in all aspects.

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