Tree and Shrub Selection Guide and Grower's Guide Set

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For a limited time purchase EB0123 Tree and Shrub Selection Guide and EB0162 Tree and Shrub Grower's Guide for only $9.99.

The Tree and Shrub Selection Guide for Montana landscaping projects and home reference describes size, shape and ideal climate for 35 evergreen shrubs and trees, 5 broadleaf evergreens, 94 deciduous shrubs, 83 deciduous trees and nine vines adapted to Montana. Black & white, 61 pages.

The Tree and Shrub Grower's Guide is designed to help established homeowners and new homebuyers throughout Montana identify and care for the woody ornamentals in their backyards. Black & white, 45 pages.


  • Copyright2008
  • AuthorRobert E. Gough, Cheryl Moore-Gough

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