Maintenance, Cleaning and Storage of Ground Sprayers

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Proper storage and cleaning techniques can add years to the life of spraying equipment. This fact sheet offers tips for preparing your pesticide spraying equipment to be stored for the winter, including a list of which cleaning agents are most effective for various pesticides used. Black and white, 4 pages.

  • AuthorRevised by Cecil Tharp and Amy Bowser
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Presents detailed analysis of all the information included in a pesticide label. Also includes a step-by-step compatibility test for pesticide mixtures.
The Montana State University Pesticide Safety Education Program coordinates the certification needs of private* applicators wishing to apply restricted use pesticides across the state.
Poor water quality can significantly reduce the efficacy of many pesticide products. Applicators should always test their water for turbidity, pH and hardness prior to using a pesticide mixture.

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