Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia) (Box of 12)

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CIPM’s botanically correct plastic weed models are the perfect tool for land managers, educators, and the public to raise awareness of the threat of invasive plants without the risk of spreading seeds and plant parts. They can be used year-round to enhance invasive plant identification and promote recognition, enabling advances in prevention efforts and for education and outreach activities. 

One box includes 12 weed models. One weed ID card included per box.

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Spotted knapweed has multiple slender stems with many fine branches and ranges from moist riparian areas to dry moutain slopes. Report sitings of Spotted Knapweed to one of many wildlife services.
Yellow starthistle has many rigid branches and stems and has only a few leaves and is found in rangelands pastures and along roads in generally arid environments. If seen please contact a wildlife services office.

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