Looking for a MontGuide?

5333The AG MontGuide Index and the HR MontGuide Index are handy tools to help you locate the MontGuide you need. All of the current MontGuides are listed by topic in each index. In the AG Index you will find agricultural topics including crops, plant disease, range management, fertilizer, livestock, forages, pest management and pesticides, weed identification and management, and a variety of yard and garden topics.

The HR Index lists all of the current MontGuides on topics ranging from family financial management to family and human development. Included in this index are topics on estate planning, community development, mental health, parenting, credit and money management, food preservation and more.

Each MontGuide in the index is linked to the downloadable pdf for your convenience. All MontGuides are free and can be mailed to you for a nominal fee. If you have questions, please call the MSU Extension Distribution Center at (406) 994-3273 or email orderpubs@montana.edu.



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