Trees and Shrubs Book Sale!

5333With spring on the horizon, Montana State University Extension is offering a sale on a set of two guides to help homeowners identify and care for trees and shrubs in Montana.  

The Tree and Shrub Selection Guide (formerly titled Choosing Trees and Shrubs for Montana Landscapes) is an illustrated 68-page resource for Montana landscaping projects and home reference. It describes size, shape and ideal climate for 35 evergreen shrubs and trees, five broadleaf evergreens, 94 deciduous shrubs, 83 deciduous trees and nine vines adapted to Montana. It includes advice on planting, appendixes on aesthetic and adaptive characteristics, glossary and index.

The Tree and Shrub Grower's Guide is an illustrated 48-page handbook designed to help established homeowners and new homebuyers throughout Montana identify and care for woody ornamentals in their backyards. It includes a key for identifying woody ornamentals, plus tips on fertilizer and pruning.

The set of two booklets, the Tree and Shrub Selection Guide and the Tree and Shrub Grower's Guide, is on sale for only $9.99 through May 31. Order Online If you have questions, please call the MSU Extension Distribution Center at (406) 994-3273 or email